Know therefore that the Lord your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations,.”(Deut. 7:9)

The Lord God Almighty made a covenant with Israel. He would bless and protect them and help them to become holy, to keep themselves free from idolatry and sin. God would remain steadfast and true to this covenant although the people of Israel failed to serve God. This happened when they entered the Promised Land where they encountered pagan peoples and their false gods. The pagan idols were a constant temptation because they were less demanding than the Lord and even promoted sexual immorality and sensual indulgence. Time and again God’s people compromised with evil and worshipped false gods. These promised a life of comfort and pleasure but only broughtthem grief and judgement.

Here we find an important lesson for our own spiritual warfare. The Lord reminds us that as we engage in spiritual warfare we must recall who He is: He is God. He is love. He shows His loving-kindness by pouring out His blessings on undeserving people. As we recall this, our faith is strengthened and our trust in Him increases. In the midst of the battle we can rejoice to know that Yahweh is indeed the Supreme God, the one who has actually revealed Himself and shown His lovingkindness. Such a truth sharply contrasts with the capricious unpredictability and emptiness of idols whatever form they now take.

Daily we are faced with temptation to sin, fear, doubt, and compromise. In order to resist we must remember who the Lord is as well as what He has done for us and for His people. That is why we must daily be in the Word of God. This is the greatest weapon He has given us in our battle. As we read and meditate on it the Lord, by His Holy Spirit, will be with us showing forth His love and power. In this way our faith will be increased so that we can resist the attacks of Satan. Though we fail Him, He will be there to forgive and lift us up so that we may be enjoy the victory He has won for us over sin and death.