By Helen Peter

PSALM 25:2-3

In you i trust, O my God.

Do not let me be put to shame,

  nor let my enemies triumph over me.

No one whose hope is in you 

  will ever be put to shame,

but they will be put to shame

  who are treacherous without excuse.

Who are our enemies? Anyone who not only opposes us personally, but also opposes God’s way of living. They stand in opposition of what God stands for. Our greatest enemy is Satan, who puts temptations of all kinds in our path. David knew this when he wrote this Psalm and he didn’t want his enemies to succeed in destroying his faith. Jesus was well acquainted with Satan’s tricks! He refused to fall prey to Satan’s offers of success, wealth and personal gain and remained focused on His mission here on earth. God expects us to constantly be on the alert and to keep our faith strong by trusting in Him alone. We need to be focused on the job He intended us to do while here on Earth. What is that job? To constantly share the Gospel and stay true to His word. If we remain faithful we will never be put to shame! 

Prayer: Heavenly Father, through your Holy Spirit enable us to remain true to your Word and not be lured away from You by the things of this world. May we be strengthened by daily reading of your word and communicating with you in prayer. May we be faithful unto death so we can receive the crown of life. Amen.