“No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:62)
As Jesus continued His ministry, He was performing so many mighty miracles and casting out demons that it became hard for Him to move about freely and conduct ministry because of the crowds. For this reason He sent His 12 apostles out into Galilee to do the work He was doing. He had the authority to give them the power to do what He did and so they went forth in His Name as His servants with His authority. The mighty works Jesus performed were proof of His divine status. Despite all this many people, including Herod, were not sure who He was or even if He were the Messiah. And many just sought Him for the miracles and healings.

Today many people reject Jesus despite the evidence of the Gospels. Perhaps it is easy to dismiss those Scriptures as mythical tales made up by primitive and ignorant people to advance their philosophical agenda. And yet they have changed the lives of millions who have come by faith Jesus over 2 millennia. He still works miracles today through His people the Church, maybe not with vibrant physical signs and wonders, but with the dynamic power of faith that makes sinners into saints.

Jesus is the only hope for the world. Consequently, what people believe about Him divides humanity. Jesus Himself indicated that there is no way to serve Him halfway. Those who say they believe in Him must believe that He is Lord God and Savior. They must dedicate their lives to Him and be willing to live for Him, not for self. Those who reject Him as Lord God and/or Savior really cannot call themselves Christians because Jesus revealed Himself as both. Neither can they who say He was just a good man, just a good philosopher with ideas and thoughts on a par with other thinkers and philosophers. And if we accept the revelation of Christ then we must follow Him and walk by faith in obedience to what He has commanded us to do. There are no compromises or other options.