“Fear not, nor be afraid; have I not told you from of old and declared it? And you are my witnesses! Is there a God besides me? There is no Rock; I know not any.” (Isaiah 44:8)

During this time of pandemic and social unrest idolatry is rising in popularity, though few would admit it. We modern educated people tend to minimize the concept of the idols because we think of them as the useless objects ancient peoples worshipped in the days of Isaiah. Their idols were objects which represented the forces of nature as well as spirits and demons. Today many people still worship such things as statues, images or the demons they represent but idolatry exists is a much more serious and insidious form. 

An idol is anything that we put our trust in other than Almighty God. Idolatry glorifies some thing, person, idea or lifestyle and puts that into the place which should be held by God. Our idols can be our rulers, government, celebrities, money, science, the medical field, self and even our own family, anything we value or which we trust in our times of need. Today many are putting their trust in medical experts. Others are relying on violent activists, brainwashed academics, politicians, and the deceitfulness of their own hearts to promulgate an ideology of hatred and selfishness masquerading as righteousness and a concern for justice. Their violence and angry rhetoric reveal they are worshipping the devil not the Lord God Almighty. He will lead them to destruction as he did to the ancient Israelites who turned from the Lord.

Isaiah proclaimed the uniqueness of the Lord as The Rock. He is the only true deity. He is Almighty God who will remain steadfast and true to those He loves through all tribulations and suffering. He, unlike the deities of ancient and neo-pagans, is a Spirit who can be reached anywhere, anytime by those who have faith in Him. He alone is our steadfast rock who holds us up and carries us through the storms of life. He alone is a loving and trustworthy Father.