Jesus said to him, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.”  (Luke 9:62)
In this world of sin and temptation it is quite difficult for the Christian to live a Godly life focused on the Kingdom of God. Too often we believers take our eyes off of Christ and focus on the world and its empty but seductive promises or run in fear from the threats of those who stand opposed to Jesus and His gift grace and mercy. In this Sunday’s liturgy we Are cautioned about such threats and are encouraged to avail ourselves of the resources God has provided to help us overcome temptation, fear and doubt. We must seek the Lord and His word. Elijah’s doubts and fears when faced with opposition from Ahab and Jezebel Were removed when he met with God, listened to His voice and acted on His commands. And in the reading from Galatians Paul cautions us to avoid the fruit of immorality and worldliness by relying on the Spirit of God and availing ourselves of His strength and His fruit.

And in the Gospel reading we learn from Jesus that there is no way to serve Him halfway. Those who say they believe in Him must believe that He is Lord God and Savior and must live their lives for Him, not for self. Those who reject Him as Lord God or Savior or both really cannot call themselves Christians because Jesus revealed Himself as both. Neither can they who say He was just a good man, just a good philosopher with ideas and thoughts that are on a par with other thinkers and philosophers. And if we accept the revelation of Christ then we must follow Him and walk in obedience to what he has commanded us to do. There are no compromises or other options. In essence, what people believe about Jesus divides humanity.