“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.” (John 14:1)

What great words of comfort Jesus speaks! In this time of pandemic uncertainty they
serve to build up our faith and increase our patience. Jesus is with us to carry us
through this storm.

Jesus spoke these great words to His disciples at a point in his farewell discourse when
He knew that the disciples felt confused and troubled. Jesus knew that the events that
were to follow would cause them even greater anxiety, so He allowed them to voice
some of their questions. The answers that He gave should have made them realize that
they had seen God because they had seen Jesus for He and the Father are one. This
should have given them encouragement that would carry them through the dark hours
ahead, but, even so, they became greatly afraid as events unfolded.

The disciples should have remembered that God always keeps His covenant. Though
they were troubled they could have hope because all of Jesus’ promises would be
fulfilled. He was preparing a place for them in the Kingdom. He was sending them the
Holy Spirit who would strengthen, encourage, and teach as well as fill them with
boldness even in the face of violent opposition.

These promises of Jesus should be of great comfort to us all. They should give us
strength and patience that will sustain us in our times of doubt and fear. Jesus promises
never to leave or forsake us. And of greater comfort is the assurance that He is the only
way to the Father because He and the Father are one. And because we are in Christ we
have unity with the Father. This is an absolute truth we would do will to contemplate and
cling to in the midst of the chaos, violence, and malice of the world today.